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that all of you took the time to be here and work so hard to get us here. i have nothing more to say, thank good from your perspective, except again to say thank you and particularly to the planning department for all of their work and to c.p.w. for their stewardship of this process and just get ready, caesar chavez is going to be exciting and leyland and you are going to see on 19th a similar effort very soon. thank you very much for coming out. [applause] >> thank you, mr. mayor. speaking of businesses like this, being in the midst of a construction project for many months can be challenging for small businesses, and i think all of the businesses up and down this stretch of valencia can attest to the fact that it was challenging and we worked hard to make it as smooth and quick as possible so they could be the beneficiaries with the rest of the neighborhood. i want to again acknowledge mike gillotti the contractor who built all of this. they did a great job. given the conditions we had they got done faster than we thought they would. i pt want to acknowledge our buu of construction manage
will be running away from us. when you come after four weeks, you will be relaxed tomorrow is the beginning of the holy ramadan for the muslim people are would like to say to every muslim that lives here, happy ramadan. tomorrow, many of us will be passed -- the fasting. that is our religion. but like to present my city, of my country, the people that i loved and you are one of them. i worry about you. you worry about me, i'd worry about you. i never feel that i am different. i never feel that i'm different than any supervisor because i believe we are family and we are family. god bless you and bless everyone. take care. >> good afternoon, supervisors do not except money from the friends of the foundation. usually i come here to speak to the audience. today, i want to address the supervisors. on occasion, president chu says that this slows down businesses. this is a very poor reason but slowing things might be good. the reason that expressions of approval of disapproval are discouraged because they are inconsistent with 8 the liberty of body which must show respect for the minority opinion.
tell you how wonderful the community has been to us. from a pizza parlor owners, to the store that we go to for christmas tree decorations, to all of the neighborhoods. after three years, we have been a thriving community. i have passed along an overview of our school. some of us have graduated and have come back to show our delight in this. this is a little baby that says, i love mommy. we do represent a very diverse community. to extend our thank you, our children have created booklets for every single supervisor here. without further ado, i would like to thank you for having us come. where are the booklets? they are all original artwork from our kids. there should be of levin. we hope you enjoy it. [applause] >> thank you. i also have another accommodation. hi. colleagues, i would like you to join me in honoring her for her lifetime of service to san francisco. she was my appointee to the mental health board for the last five years. i cannot believe it has been that long. she worked tirelessly to connected community with the city to better help families that used in dental services
the education that they deserve. so that is a priority that we would like to make sure that you'll hear us talking about frequently on the p.a.c. >> another priority is parent engagement, clearly. with the start of the new school year that's on a lot of people's minds. i know at our school we're trying to figure out how to better recruit a more diverse range of parents and meet the needs of our families and how to communicate with our families and really feel this is an important step for improving the schools. we know we've heard in conversations in the past on the p.a.c. that better communication is really critical. parents are really looking for that. i know that i've been talking to a group of parents that have been writing letters for 10 years about a teacher that they're very concerned with at their school and they're not clear about where these letters have gone, about how the process works, about how complaints are heard through the district. very important to have a transparent process in place where parents understand how these process ees from the district work. communication is
are having a personnel committee -- labor relations meeting in september, maybe you can give us more information at that time about the new teacher project. >> absolutely. >> and we can augment that committee. >> i also would like to add that the last school year we went to visit many schools together, and he also asked do you have any teachers for america teachers, and he asks about how this project is working. overwhelmingly, they said it was really working. i can't remember every school, but i do remember bessie carmichael who said they thought it was great. this is the new teacher project. he asked two questions. and overwhelmingly, they said it was great, that there was a point of contact, that they were able to streamline the hiring, and i just heard great reviews about it. but i look force to hearing it at the labor committee. >> role call, please. >> thank you. >> yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, aye, aye, and yes. >> seven ayes. >> our next item is item q, first reading of plopesals. we give a total of five minutes for public testimony for all of these resolutions. we won't hav
, if it doesn't, and inject a lot of different great ideas and finding an idea that's going to use that space. because one of the things that i always hear is what are we going to do with this? what are we going to do with this? it's time to do something. let's do the right thing and the best thing that we can do. thank you. commissioner buell: thank you. >> is there any additional public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> can we put the plan up on the screen for everybody to see? one of the questions i have is the -- it's interesting the french version, you see many of the courts along the roadside under trees, but they're on the main thoroughfare so i thought it was interesting on the thorough 0 fair and how the french play the game -- on the thoroughfare and how the french play the game. and at aquatic park, some of the nonplayers can sit and relax. and is that accounted for in this plan? >> well, there's an expensive seating wall basically all around or -- that would be the water side. so there aren't any benches in the plan. >> there's places to sit. >> oh, y
primarily to its use -- office and residential. the port has made tremendous strides in the past decade. the embarcadero, not, the ferry building, appears 1 through 5 are all moving toward an area we can be proud. the land side, however, has lagged behind. despite a number of very attractive buildings, streets, spaces, special areas in the neighborhood, the area does remain disconnected, and the public realm is visibly for for it. the northeast embarcadero study does address these conditions. we strive to create a unique waterfront experience to enter new development respects the content established by historic buildings. to establish opprobrious feet skied guidelines to provide safe, attractive, and inviting sidewalks and pedestrian path, to insure strong connections to the waterfront, to enhance the open space network, and to establish guidelines for site design, massive reticulation. the following design principles represent fundamental principles of good design and urban planning. best practices from across country and around the world, and the professional judgment of staff. the fi
. we're going to send an invite to all of them. they will respond to us, and we will look at the criteria we have. we do want to ensure geographic equity to make sure that at least one if not more is in each supervisory district across the city. we want to make sure that half of their students are living within a mile of the school, and what helps launched a program is to see if they have participated in any evidence that show an interest. but have they participated in walking to school days before? we look at the applications we have received and pick the schools that way. commissioner kim: and just because it is a program that is already being initiated, there are some community groups and other organizations that are working with safe passages for children to walk back and forth, and they actually partner with the high school students to volunteer to watch elementary school kids back and forth. it would be great to partner with them because they have an existing program and they're trying to do better out reach. there is at least some work that is being done there as we
. >> maybe it is the u.s. government. i did write to arnie duncan perry dead -- to arnie duncan. >> thank you. >> good evening, commissioners. i will say one positive thing. joanne lead a great project, and i am looking forward to this in the fall of 2012. i want to tell you what went on. this summer of the transcripts were not sent on time to the colleges. it must have been an i.t. problem. how do i know? so many e-mails over the summer. i am worried. we work with these students, and they are nervous, and it did not happen, and that was the beginning of fall whole experience. it was awful what happened, and i want to say i felt like you might as well have given us a chisel and a hammer and we would have done the same job may be better because when it freezes we cannot even use it. at least a hammer and chisel you can use. this is coming seven days before the rest of the faculty, and we work hard, and we wind up with schedules with 12 classes on them because the system did not work. it was crazy at our school. you're number one job is to make sure the schools are open smoothly. that is the no
of california? we are higher than the other urban districts, though san diego has matched us in english language arts. in math we are still definitely the highest as compared to the state. so as we feel the pride over these results, we must also always remember that when looking at our african-american students as compared to other urban districts districts of -- urban zrinths, we have the lowest performance, and we should be mindful of that trend. >> the state closed the achievement gap with regards to its latino students but did not do so with regards to its african-american students. in math the state did manage to close the gap -- narrow the gap i should say -- with both the african frown and latino students, just like us. and the last slide, we have been brainstorming with different principles. what could be some of the reasons for our success? we took one pattern, which are the math gains that we are seeing, and tried to break it down from the curriculum to the student level. what we found was in terms of the curriculum, principals have reported, and we have found that the adoption of ever
- leash/off-leash dog area? >> we started posting signs so that people who regularly use that lawn that it will be unavailable for that weekend and we will continue to aggressively post it so that it is no surprise to people who use that area. or ruin your overnight camping. commissioner lee: with regard to noise, i know you're going to have entertainment. do you have a curfew in terms of the sound? are you going to be monitoring the noise level? >> usually people are extremely tired after this event, so in my experience, people are usually in bed by 9:00 or 10:00 at the latest. we can certainly ask for that quiet time curfew imposed by 10:00. kathy is nodding over there. commissioner lee: i just read evening entertainment. what does that mean? >> we thought about the gay men's choir coming out and performing, it is always acoustic. after people have dinner, it is usually 6:30 or 7:00. sometimes it runs a little bit longer than an hour, but as she described, we are pretty early to bed. commissioner lee: that is where we get the most calls. if people think there is a concert going o
. the following are representative examples of what we see as useful comments. the sea wall should be developed and released from the growing limits. development should include neighborhood and city-serving uses on the ground floor. new development should provide the range of natural to poverty and surrounding communities. these developments should complement the character of historic districts, but also represent the best of contemporary architecture. the sand francisco bay and waterfront industry are a major contributor to commerce, recreation, and the environment. the blake -- the bay planning commission have supported this process for many decades. it is an important foundation on which the san francisco planning department can build its recommendations. the thoughtful and visionary approach to ensuring compatibility of development and sustainability is a model for coastal ports across our nation. founded in 1983, the bay planning coalition is a nonprofit organization representing a broad spectrum of the bay of business and environmental entities. the 175 members include the maritime indust
the privilege of helping to bring some of this with us. i wanted to clarify one thing. this group, living primarily among us, can document that they've lived here until 1834 in san francisco. before that, in 1775 they were here and greeted the spanish when they first arrived. that is documented by the people that stand before you. it is a rare and awesome opportunity. i urge you to get deep into that. i wanted to thank you for the resolution you are considering. they have had some input and some concern about this. i also wanted to say that though i appreciate everything you have done and you have done about as much as you can, we really need to go further. we need to make sure that the promises can be fulfilled. one of the ways i see the potential for that is that you take more responsibility for the redevelopment process. there has been some discussion of that. mr. campeau's -- campos, you advance that. >> eighth part of our history that we do not like. we really value diversity in our culture in san francisco. the group before you has the quality. the most critical is that the forces u
to move ahead relatively soon with their bond sale, said they were interested in having us have this approved at this meeting. if it is your pleasure that we come back, we can do that. commissioner buell: if it is two weeks, and we can express the sentiments of the commissioners, i think they make a very good point. i don't think we can object if everything goes well, but we should put provisions in case things don't go well. if you want to just take that sentiment back and if there's anything you want ad, now is your time to express it. >> i would like to see if we can get this thing worked out. >> i am on vacation at the next commission meeting. we would be looking at september, and i am not sure if that is a time frame that works for the staff at the public utilities commission. commissioner buell: i think general manager ginsburg can represent your point of view and we can express sentiment. it is impossible, we should know more about why it is impossible. >> fair enough. thank you. commissioner harrison: just to my fellow commissioners, should there be some point at which f
, there is no limitation note on hours, which led us to believe we could move forward on the extended hours application, and then with this recall notification, so that was the intention. and then we brought in again this request from sfpd to continue this for tw weeks on the basis that they are having a change, and the applicant was ok with that. this is behind this memo, which indicates that they met with the applicant, and they are supportive of entertainment, but not of the hours, so we can ask the applicants what they would like to do this evening based on where we are right now. >> commissioners, i am appearing with my client, mr. saeid amin, who owns the hookah, and the also owns in north beach pizza -- owns north beach pizza. he thought they would ok the after-hours but had problems with another thing. that said, what we would like to do is we would like to put a couple of things in the record, and then we would like to ask this be put over to the call of the chair so that we can get on the same page and also get the 312 notification out. commissioner alan noted a few things. i actually have a
uses, new and upgraded streets and public ways, bicycle, transit, and to the facilities, landslide and waters of the sow is for the treasure island sailing center, lan/services for expanded marine and, and a new ferry terminal and intermodal hub. construction bill the other oppose product would be faced and that its bid to occur over approximate 15-20-year period. the draft eir of death was potentially significant an unavoidable impact on aesthetics, historic architectural resources, transportation, noise, air quality, wind, and biological resources. please note the staff is not here today to answer comment on the draft eir. all comics will be transcribed and responded to in writing in income than responses document, which will respond to all written and verbal comments received, and make revisions as appropriate. i would like to remind all speakers this is not a hearing to consider approval or disapproval of the proposed project. approval hearings will follow final eir certification. your comments today should be confined to the adequacy and accuracy of the information and analysi
the respondents return to us grant proposals that reflect their creativity, their ideas, and their resources. they tell us what they can do for $100,000. to give you an example, the current contract was funded at $85,000 a year. that gets us 1.5 full-time equivalent staff people. there are fairly limited materials in terms of books and other similar teaching materials. that is one of the reasons why with this year path budget request we have asked for more money so we can print more of the field guides and provide equipment and materials to support the program. i also want to recognize that in terms of professionalism and levels of education that we are looking for in staff people, we need to up our game a little bit. president fong: any more questions? we have to have a motion and a second. i believe there was a slight change? >> last whereas clause is actually the result: a. -- is actually the resolve clause. it is a typo. so with that change. president fong: resolution 10-51 is approved. >> item9b, conceptual authorizations -- conceptual design options and fiscal feasibility approval proc
, that we invite the chief to coordinate his calendar with us, so if he is interested in attending, we can make sure that it is a date that he is available. >> we need to see what the agenda items are. >> one of them will be the priority list. >> i would second commissioner kingsley's idea that i'm not sure we have to time out the entire day. i think a chunk of that, i think it would be helpful for him to be with us. he is the person who runs the department on a daily basis, and we are here both to give guidance, but also to support his efforts, so i think it would be good to have a chunk of time where he candidly tells us what his priorities are so we can give direction and also listen for his concerns, so i think it is important that he be there for part of it. >> do we want to aim for when we circulate a calendar to the lieutenant in terms of when we are available, a date that we are available? do we want to do this, aim for a particular month? >> i think we should aim for six months. sometime in september. not on wednesday. i'm assuming on a regular day, saturday morning is probably go
. sometimes statistics can throw you off. knowing the baseline for us, the midnight hours, the prime crime time from midnight until 7:00 in the morning, maybe 7:00 until 5:00, we compressed and contracted assignments. we adjusted robbery. the robbery of great men team -- abatement team. this is where an officer was robbed on the street. there is real time data and it helps our schedule. nine arrests for robbery where the officer was robbed. reduce prescription fills. legal narcotics sales, it is disturbing to me. they are carrying oxycontin and prescription pills. the prescription pills are stifling the neighborhood. we try internal programs. walgreens will come in next month and help us identify phony prescriptions. a dea task force is coming in. again, we have to have some intervention with this. i am not naive. it is not illegal to possess prescription drugs, but it is illegal to sell them. our society is got into the point -- we cracked -- i cracked the century mark. i cractake lipitor. some of these prescription drugs, it is the point where, i am talking in the office, some of these i
with the waterfront land use plan. planning in the nebraska waterfront, as in every other part of san francisco, will never be finished for all time. we will always be finding new issues to address in revising past work. that means we cannot put everything on hold while we're planning. a strong plan with integrity is already in place, as it is with the port's waterfront land use plan. we should continue to move forward even while the planning efforts are undertaken, as they always will be. thank you for considering our perspective. sincerely, gabe metcalf." thank you. >> good evening, commissioners. i am a principal at an architecture firm here in san francisco. i work on the embarcadero and am intimately familiar with the challenges it presents. i'm pleased to be here on behalf of my firm and many individuals who have worked effortlessly to support the thoughtful development of their waterfront community. without equivocation, i'm in favor of the northeast embarcadero study and encourage your unanimous support. the study was the most recent effort commenced 15 months ago in february 2009 and w
. i think that what jennifer means for many of us here is that there is no one with more heart , and the way that she personally throws herself into her projects is ridiculous, but we are really, really grateful for it because of all of the human factors that she brings into the managing of her projects, trying to be thoughtful about the public's understanding about that as well, and also, i think that it is worth noting that jennifer really not only puts her heart but her money where her mouth is as well because i do not know of any other port staff that is a bondholder twice in the two issuances of the revenue bonds the port commission had the opportunity to do. one in the -- what error. 19 -- when we were refinancing our dead back in the 1990's. and then this one most recently, so i am in aewe with the level f dedication, and i wish you the best. thank you. [applause] >> good afternoon, commissioners. i'm always very proud of everyone i work with at the port. the level of accomplishment and level of commitment done and the level of what gets done at the fort, and once in awh
-deserved bank used to everybody who has been instrumental in helping us get this far today, and that includes our local and regional and federal partners who have been great to work with over the last several years at least and probably longer in getting us here. members of the toll bridge program oversight committee, i see some of you here today. i see we have some members of the california transportation commission, at least one of whom you will hear from this morning, but the others, good to see you here today. i want to thank the new director of the department of transportation who has been working on at least the financial and funding part of this project for a number of years, and we look forward to the leadership you will bring to it now as the director of caltrans. i was here last week trying to tell everybody what a good job your doing in district four with this project and some of the other complex projects you have going on in this region, but we appreciate you hear as well. i also want to thank a few of the hard hats we see here today. these 30 people who have worked very hard to
for how long? furthermore, this will tear us apart and scattered along the island indefinitely, not keep us together as a group, and then make it so onerous, that we have no interest in staying. i expect to move from a 3- bedroom apartment to a 1-bedroom apartment on treasure island. after that, priced us up out of the ybi. why not price have the land to accommodate the residents that are there today. we know we have somewhere to come back to. we can take care of ourselves during redevelopment. furthermore, the cab has failed us. it ignored us and shut us out. each time that i attended a cab, after an over presentation, what to do one resident was on the board, who joined, six months ago? rolling every time he speaks about our concerns. >> thank you. >> commissioners, good morning. tony ganter. for many, it is startling to see the one ring bridge when they approach. are we not comfortable with the historic scale of the building is currently on the island? is this not something to be maintained? and do we want to alter the island profile with towers and jutting up from the day, including
of the investigation, this was a tremendous weakness for us. frankly, there were some failures that occurred in communications. best practices around the country are that you have internal affairs and criminal work under the same umbrella. obviously, you need some separation of these organizations, but having them work together is incredibly important. all criminal investigations and the biandend up being administr. we are excited about that. next week there will be some capt. promotions, and we will be ready to announce those once we conclude the reduced -- reviews. >> if i may, could we clap for the motion? [applause] >> thank you. what i would like to do briefly is half the director gave you -- have the director give you a quick update on the robberies. the reason we are doing this in this forum is this was completed today, and we believe there is a wealth of information, things people can do to prevent becoming a victim. we will be meeting with the community to get the word out. we felt this would be a wonderful opportunity to use the commission as a vehicle to get the information out. >
. >> -- commissioner fong: any discussion? all those in favor? >> aye. >> please be advised that the ringing of and use of cell phones and pagers and it similar electronic sound producing devices are prohibited at this meeting. please be advised that a chairman or the removal from a meeting room of any person responsible for the ringing or use of a cell phone, pager, or other similar sound producing device. please be advised that a member of the public has up to three minutes to make appurtenant public comment for each agenda item unless the port commission adopts a shorter time on any item. item seven a -- a city -- i'm sorry, election of port commission vice-president. resolution 10-53 -- were arrested port commission's rules of order, article one, section 2, states that among the commissioners, a president and vice president will be elected. they will serve a one-year term or until a successor is elected. the elections will be held every year of the first calendar meeting in january and whereas the term of the court commissioner elected vice president has expired july 1, 2010, leaving a vacancy in t
environmental quality act to extend a grant in the amount of approximately $470,000 from the u.s. environmental protection agency and the cesar chavez a sewer improvement system. >> this resolution is adopted. >> item 12, resolution adopting the fire department to enter into a 10-year agreement with presidio trust to provide fire and emergency services. >> same house, same call? the resolution is adopted. >> item 13, resolution adopting -- authorizing the fire department to enter into a 10- year agreement with the national park service to provide fire and emergency medical services to national park service managed areas within san francisco. >> this is adopted. >> item 13 -- 14, the hiring of permanent career severely and federal firefighters displaced by the closure of the national park service fire station in presidio. >> this resolution is adopted. >> item 15, ordinance amending the planning code to allow new full-service and small self- service restaurants with a conditional use authorization to permit some said especially for the establishment as the right and to prohibit all large fast- f
put our power point on the screen please? >> unfortunately, none of us know how to do it. there it is. >> this power point is pretty much -- we made it ourselves, commissioners. it is our solution to distribution of the youth pass lifeline. you might be wondering, what is the fast pass? it would cost $10 a month, and its purpose is to be given to students who qualify. -why create the fast pass? it would be for the students to have affordable muni access. there are a few main reasons why. >> the first reason why, as you can see on the pie chart, the unified students are strongly dependent on muni. about 70% of the school district students take muni. it is very important for them to have a mode of transportation. the second one is the rising cost of muni. in may, 2009, it was $10. a year later, we see that price double. it is important to have affordable access. the last reason is the high proportion of low income students. 54% of the san francisco students qualify for free or reduced lunch. it is over half of the student body. >> we began the youth lifeline fast pass in february 2010.
interests of everyone to have responsible contractors using trained electricians. every panel is an electricity- generating device, and these panels can generate upwards of 600 volts, which is extremely dangerous, so we are looking out for a person here. i have a packet of letters i submitted to the sfpuc regarding in city hall job. i have more copies if you need them. basically looking at the scope of work that is defined through the state, and i would be happy to answer any questions after my time. but we are in corroboration of the letter submitted from the sunset reservoir for the wage determination on these projects. i cannot get into jurisdictional issues. those are between contractors and labor unions, but legally, this work needs to be paid at a specific rate, and that is dictated by these factual documents. once again, the office of labor standards enforcement has, in our opinion, for our industry, done a great job objectively analyzing this type of work. also, on a lighter note, something we have been working on, too, -- something we've been working on to get rid of
, and a small group of us, including myself and some members of the command staff and a few industry representatives it, have been meeting to create that draft, as well as a short list of what they are calling recommended security-related conditions that they intend to present to you at the entertainment commission for your possible discussion and action. -- for your discussion and possible action. i might suggest to the commission that we probably hold a hearing or do something more than just internal discussion, but everything we do will be obviously sunshine and in the record, and as a follow-up to that operators meeting, an additional meeting was held on wednesday, august 18, by the entertainment commission. again, commander crenshaw and the mayor's office, but is focused primarily on the promoters. as we know, there is a pattern of>x the incidents of violence d the use of promoters in our permanent spaces and in some about 70 attended the meeting, and it filled room 201 to the breaking point, and the promoters, including those who had been involved in the el rincon incident as w
, not too long ago, they would tell us what they would do. i want to apply to everyone. tonight is a terrific innovation. the department has also moved to outsourcing some of this stuff. we have identified a backlog, and the department is now working. i want to focus on this. for me, stranger sexual assaults are a party coming in and of itself -- it is hard to say that one case is more important than another. in my experience, i think you will agree, stranger rapists tend to be the highest recidivists. especially with a database, if we do our work quickly, the chance of getting them off the street is great. i will focus my questions on that never area. -- narrowed area. i think we can still make more progress and institutionalized, as a commission, make policies around so we make sure the commission has the resources necessary. >> i like what you are saying and i want to be clear, how we are not going to prioritize one or the other. homicide is more important or sexual assault is more important. the protocols we put in place are now they're so that we look at everything and say
, and the gta, to bring a larger used recreation area and a different kind of piazza. as we move forward, we will flesh out which ones of these schemes have the best marks. i look forward to that process. here are some views down at ground level looking at that space. what a lot of people do not realize is once we demolished that it is quite a vast space we will create. activating it with active use is important. you can get a sense we have used significant san francisco landmarks as drivers for the pathways and the parks. if you come out of the terminal, right then you have a view of the transamerica building and quit tower -- coit tower. it is a portal for arrival at san francisco. the idea is having a way to come up on to the piazza. i should not that accessibility is a challenge along these areas where there is a change in grade. entering at this corner is a natural way to enter the park. with that, i will hand it over to john unless you have any questions for me. president fong: i have one. first of all, i think this is fantastic. does. b have more window -- does option b have more wind
, colleague and of course friend to all of us here at mission high school. kathleen spent much of her life dedicated to teaching and nurturing students with a passion that is rare. ms. cecil develop the lessons that challenged and inspired all other students. she was a lifelong and fierce advocate for social justice for everyone. it was not an unfamiliar sight to see ms. cecil move gracefully from the classroom to a march in the streets advocating for civil rights and equity for everyone. to put it plainly, kathleen was a loving force of nature. once you met her, you never forgot her. having had the blessing of working with ms. cecil the past 12 years at mission we have all gotten to know and love this incredible woman who touched so many students and staff in so many ways. her spirit will echo through these hallways for a very long time. ms. cecil's family and loved ones are in our hearts in the difficult days to come. in addition i would like to invite anybody that would like to attend monday from 4:00 to 6:00 at mission high school in our beautiful auditorium, we will hold a memorial se
a family. what about us? it does not take just a skin color. it is everybody. what do i do? we mentioned that -- you mentioned the suspect for the lady that was killed not too long ago was found. you have the names and you have the people that did it. they have the people who killed my son, too. six strong men and shot my son. they were out there. they shot my son, a 17-year-old boy that was on his way to work. he had no time for anything. he had a mother and father. now we are no longer together. here is his father from nigeria. here my -- am i. we had to pay tuition for him to go to school. this is what we are left with. we're left with this. this is my son's dead body. this is what we're left with, a dead body full of bullet holes from a semiautomatic gun. they shot him with 30 rounds of bullets. what do we do? what do i have to do? why do i have to stand at city hall? it is the fourth year. this hurts. if my son was out there and my son hollered to your kid, run, you would be thinking me. why should i stand up and pledge allegiance to the flag? my son was a hero and he is not even ho
streets and they said, nobody comes out here and does anything for us. and so i'm bringing my 300 pair of skatings, my family, my friends, we're going to go out and do a free thing for these kids who have a fiscal responsibility, it seems like they don't want to work with them, the people that's trying to do things out there, they're not like college educated and smooth and suave. they don't go to these meetings. they just have a will to try to do something. i showed them how they could get the wood to get their roller rink built. i didn't think they were going to make it but they did. so i'm out here now, i'm going to help them out and do my thing. do you know they probably have never heard of bocce ball? these are your underprivileged kids that we all stand up when we want something. i'm sure that bocce ball is a very exciting thing. but i bet you i couldn't find 100 people who know what bocce ball is and this is a city of 700,000 people. still, i've been around rned -- around this lot a long time. i know that $63,000 is a rare thing, not -- it's a rare thing when people come with a
be obligated to provide under this. is there anything in this agreement that precludes us at a future date from negotiating with them if we thought it was a viable entity to put a separate operate noort restaurant? >> there's nothing that would prevent us from requesting that. there's subcontractor language in here. >> i understand they wouldn't be obligated to do it but there's nothing that would preclude us from pursuing it? >> no. there's subcontracting language in here for a number of reasons . what you just mentioned is the possibility and i also put it in here in case they want to bring in a full fledge program. president buell: let's open it up to public comment. >> we do have public comment. sandy, bo and richard. if you could come forward, please. >> former president of the united states golf association. i've been playing golf for 85 years. i am acutely conscious of what golf can do for people who get involved in it. acutely conscious of what harding can do for this city. i'm acutely conscious of what the pga tour's involvement now has done for sure, but now will do in commission with
this will work, and i like the idea of starting with the schools. hopefully, it would give us some resources. also, it gives us an opportunity to integrate into the other strategies of school improvement we are developing, so i am very supportive of this and hopefully will be following through. >> i want to make decisions i think will help as well. we're having a tendency part of the questions that are asked when it comes to any of the reporting that is happening, so they are asking questions about attendance and when parents are engaged, they are also being asked about attendance. often one student will cut five departments, and we have been working collaborative lay -- collaborative flav -- collaboratively around shared data. you have a more collaborative association. if there is the case across the board that reaches all of the departments with one person reporting, we are hoping this is going to help with that. the last point is we want to set a goal for ourselves, and we are not only looking at how we reduce truancy but how we move students who have been chronically absent and moving th
% is gone. what is best left -- half of the remaining part can be used for this. that goes to 33%. vÑiat that point, you are down o only 18%. that is a shrinking portion. commissioner vietor: and will there be a consideration for bids that have lower -- >> yes, the designation clearly states that a portfolio with more will get less. >> and the trade-off is costs. if we can get that. commissioner vietor: good, i went to go on record again. i am not a big fan. i would hope the bill would include those in the proposal, if possible. >> quickly, for those out there, ,xw ++% energy credits," so if you could just say that for people who do not know. >> ok, and another element was commissioners wanted to have the posers clearly described what has made in their mind the program's success. so we have had that be part of what they have required. and getting feedback, just a moment on that. we are hoping to get energy efficient demand response through one or two w vehicles. one is the basic portfolio that the proposal is going to be providing, and the second is, if you recall, when you're plann
it made it possible for us to be able to serve as many couples as we have been. >> so once you're ready, you and your husband to be or wife need to be need to check in here and check in again, ok. are you also going to get married today? >> yeah. >> let's process you one by one. do your license in, exit and re-enter again check in at that desk. >> our wedding is at 3:00. >> as long as we get you in today. >> we're getting married at 2:30. >> don't worry about the time line. we're greeting people at the doorway and either directing them to the services they need on this side which is licensing or the services on this side which is actually getting the ceremony performed. >> this is an opportunity to choose to be a part of history. many times history happens to us, but in this case, you can choose to be a part of it. this is a very historic day and so i'm very, very proud to be here. >> i have been volunteering. last monday i performed 12 different marriage smones. the least amount of time that any of the couples that i married have been together is two years. most of the couples
the superintendent updated us on earlier. and we heard a short update from susan wong on the ongoing review of board of education policies, and we will be taking that up in the next few sessions of the legislation committee. >> the next is a report from the augmented ad hoc committee on student assignment. commissioner wynns? >> i would like to take this opportunity if i may to read or highlight a lot of the time line of the actual meetings that are listed here in the agenda because the substance of the meeting was that we had the presentation of the draft proposals for the elementary attendance areas and the middle school feeder pattern. you have heard about that, and the point is not to discuss substance, but to highlight feedback. those were just introduced, as well as the transportation policy this evening for a first reading. on september 28, the theory is that we will be voting on those policies, that then by october 13th, that what will be presented to the board of education will be outreach, and on november 8, a monitoring and evaluation plan, and administrative regulations related to transp
, the resourced agencies are receiving a lot of permit applications from us and trying to keep all these permits on track. it has been challenging, but we are working very closely through our interagency task force to try to help them make priorities. the three projects that are here are those that we are currently focusing on to make sure that there is no delay due to any permitting issues. on the regional groundwater project, i wanted to highlight that the challenges are associated with the need to conduct additional offer for studies as well as the need to acquire 18 different right of way tight -- type of transactions. although all of that is ongoing, it has not added any additional time extension as of this fourth quarter. wanted to also point out a challenge on the seismic upgrade of pipeline three and four. new studies performed by our design consultants have revealed that pipeline four could fail under a major seismic event. because of those studies, we have had to revise our design to include additional improvements in that area. we are also having to relocate some lines, so those chang
. that will conclude our moment of silence. colleagues, any other new business before us today? >> yes, i think we should wish mike a happy birthday. commissioner crowley: our secretary, michael house's birthday? 21? happy birthday, michael. >> thank you. commissioner crowley: we do have a notice of canceled meeting. do you want to read that into the record, or do we need to? >> that is true. the regular meeting of tuesday august 24 has been canceled,u the notice has been posted since july 23, so there is an awareness, so our next regular meeting will be the regular meeting of september 14. commissioner crowley: thank you. >> as was mentioned a couple times earlier, we have a lot of environmental review for the planning commission this fall. we may end up under the special sessions. but we do not know the dates yet. you. adjourn. ok, we have moved and seconded. all those in favor to adjourn? >> aye. >> aye. commissioner crowley: thank you. >> thank you, everybody. happy anniversary. first and foremost, i want to acknowledge susan's outstanding leadership, her stewardship. it is interesting, every
make a brief announcement. the ringing and use of cell phones, pagers and similar sound-producing electronic devices are prohibited at this meeting. please be advised that the chair may order the removal from the meeting room of any persons responsible for the ringing or use of cell phones, pagers or other similar sound-producing electronic devices. in order to facilitate an orderly meeting, we ask that you complete a blue card if you would like to speak on an item. and each person will have three minutes. >> also, please address your comments to the commission during public comment on items. in order to allow equal time for all, neither the commission nor staff will respond to any questions during public comment. the commission may ask questions of staff after public comment is closed. we are on item number two, wigs the president's report. >> the president has a very brief report. since i've been out of town, but i did want to say that i attended yesterday, the marina green fun day for the recreation and park department. and i would like to emphasize the recreation sid
academy. it talks about an item for us the service removal and cleanup. this is specifically referring to the building. there has been assessed those found in other -- asbestos found in other areas of the site. i would like to see what the efforts are too clean that out. continuing on -- is this really the way you want this done? >> we did change this several months ago. this is one time we will start taking advantage of it. >> on page 106, you have a resolution which essentially looks like you are contacting the work at h.r. by spending $128,404 to hire the friends of the school of arts to not only higher but managed all the artists in residence and taking it out of the districts hands and put it in the hands of a separate, private organization. i am on page 124 now. he spoke highly about the new teacher project, and we're not here to criticize that, but what it says in the description is they will provide consulting services to support the reorganization and the strategic staffing in the superintendent zones for a quarter of a million dollars. it would be my presumption that they are
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